Utterly charming…Directed by Craig J. George, this staging has a lot going for it.” - The New York Times

“ Director Craig J. George and Choreographer Billy Sprague, Jr. have a created a thoughtful and well-conceived production…A highlight of the 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival.” -

“The Calico Buffalo has set the bar almost out of reach…The direction by Craig J. George…inventive, the choreography by Billy Sprague, Jr…infectious. If you love musical theater, this is a do not miss!. - Times Square Chronicles

“The stagecraft that George employed was extraordinarily beautiful…he made a bold choice that paid off astronomically…The Calico Buffalo is on it’s way to a long and prosperous theatrical life!”-

“immensely satisfying and life affirming…Craig J. George’s direction is nicely focused, without belaboring any points and the ensemble works admirably like the proverbial well-oiled machine-

the brazen spectacle that made its world premiere at Cleveland Public Theatre was an indisputable hit fueled by chutzpah, gore and an eclectic score by Dennis Yurich and Alison Garrigan that mixes punk, power ballads and even a little doo-wop. The brainchild of New York-based director Craig George, this "Titus" was one for the ages.” - Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer/

BACKSTAGE "TOP PICK" "A fictionalized account rendered authentically by the playwright and the actors under the strong directorial hand of Craig J. George.” -Karl Levett, Backstage

Winner of the Times Theatre Tributes Best Production of the Year Award (M4M at Cleveland Public Theatre)

This thumping bloodbath, conceived and directed with no-holds-barred muscularity by Craig J. George...a production that aims for your primitive lizard brain and hits its target dead on...a bloody blast!” - Chrsitine Howey, Scene Magazine

A revisited, reinvented world premiere of “Titus Andronicus,” filtered through the wonderfully demented mind of adapter/director Craig J. George...a guilty pleasure!” -Bob Ableman, Cleveland Jewish News

“The CPT production under the creative and focused eye of Craig J. George, wrings out almost all of the humor and pathos of each of the scenes.” -Broadway World

“Directed with crisp precision by Craig J. George…concise, sometimes hilarious, often touching.” -Scene Magazine

“STANDING ON CEREMONY: THE GAY MARRIAGE PLAYS is wildly entertaining and sure to leave a lasting impression.” - - News102, CBS

“The regional premiere at Cleveland Public Theatre, under the witty and incisive direction of Craig J. George and with a topnotch ensemble, is funny and deeply moving.” -Cleveland Jewish News

“CPT has both the talented director, in the person of Craig J. George and a very, very talented ensemble of actors….George’s vision for the play is totally creative.” - Roy Bierko, Theatre Critic

“Inspired is just the word for the Hamptons Shakespeare Festival’s post-World War II setting for Much Ado About Nothing…Thus, director Craig George’s attempt to create a celebratory mood with a highly energetic but disciplined cast turns infectiously successful.” -

"Smart and Entertaining! A fine, sensitive cast under director Craig J. George."
-Rob Kendt, Newsday

"George seizes the challenges by the throat...absolutely profound and slyly hilarious.”-
Tony Brown, The Plain Dealer (Ohio’s Largest Newspaper)

"Blazing of those felicitous occasions when the director's concept fertilizes, rather than gilds the lily!" -
The Cleveland Freetimes

"Director Craig J. George has staged everything with a tightly controlled fluidity that never lets the black and white of Alex’s photos render Lewis’ play in gray scale." –Talkin’ Broadway

“The notion of Kate and Petruchio switching roles works beautifully, and speaks volumes. Petruchio’s takeover of Kate’s final aria is exceptionally moving.” -The New York Times

“This is better theatre than you’d expect to find…silly but savvy, and just the thing to accompany a sunset picnic. As night falls, junebugs and actors zoom madly across the stage and its grassy perimeter, giddy with purposeful energy.” -The New Yorker

“A rousing evening…this production has a sweaty and muscular sensuality, due to director Craig J. George’s imaginative use of the playing area.” -Christine Howey, Scene Magazine

“Sizzling…a must-see! Director Craig J. George’s stark staging feels right.” -
Cool Cleveland

“…the ensuing verbal and physical wrestling match is brilliantly staged. These moments, the brainchild of director Craig George, which range from Kate’s ‘50’s housewife striptease to the flying Bianca doll, are total crowd pleasers…this makes Taming of the Shrew: Extreme an extremely entertaining evening.” -The Independent

“And suddenly, Petruchio is the servant and Kate is the master, and the play is thrust instantly into the present. It’s a brilliant insertion, which, combined with a few judicious changes in the ending speech of Katherine turns this into a truly timeless comedy. However, this is only the beginning of the crazy arrows in director Craig George’s comedy quiver.” -The Southampton Press

“This high-charged two-character comedy is being presented at the Penguin Rep's Barn Theatre under the expert direction of Craig J. George.” -The Times Herald-Record

“Among the other pleasures of the production were some inspired bits of direction…the gifted director is Craig George.” -The Easthampton Star

“The direction of Craig George is particularly agile and bright in this “Twelfth Night.”-The Southampton Press

“a comic and erotic feast directed by Craig George, who knows how to handle characters and gives the performance shape, structure and bounce.” -New York Post

“…this Much Ado becomes airborne. And it remains there for all its length, sustained by the fluid and energetic direction of Craig George.” -The Southampton Press

“this “Twelfth Night” casts a spell of midsummer mirth.” -New York Post

“It all adds up to 2 ½ hours that are thoroughly absurd, wild, improbable and very, very funny. Fortunately, two elements in this production converge to make it that way. Craig George has directed with a sure hand for comic symmetry and speed…” -The Southampton Press